KIA 2020 to 2021

2020 has been a fascinating start for Kundu International Academy. In the quest for ‘Redefining Education in PNG’ we have clustered our activities through our EXE – XL  model for education into categories that are very important for a students’ holistic development.

Our teachers and staff not only focus on Curriculum and Co-Curriculum type of education, but also extend their initiatives into extra curriculum, value addition and holistic development.

We strongly believe that just studying the course and getting high marks on the transcripts alone will not make a student successful. A student will have to be prepared as a wholly rounded individual so that they are equipped face the challenges the working world is about to throw at them when they go out of the protection of their parents/guardians/sponsors, etc.

Starting in 2020 has given us an exposure that has made us stronger and resilient to the challenges that might come. As we all already know that 2020 was made tougher by COVID 19, and hence made us tougher to keep going. Our students and teachers passed through the challenge fairly easily and without much of difficulty and not compromising on the quality of education that our academy intends to impart.

The setup of the 2020 and the working through along with the trust the parents had on the school management and the team has brought us to a great year-ending and a new beginning to 2021.

This brand new beginning brought with it more trust in the abilities of our teaching community and all our staff. We are very fascinated and thrilled to bring 2021. We know there are promises and hopes this year. We know we can be better, much better than what 2021 can give. We are back with much more power and inspiration. We have more staff now, with more teachers, much more planned activity. We are sure that our students will enjoy every moment they spend in the school.  

Starting from the Cafeteria with Food Express® to the Arts section with NAFA® Group. Kundu International is flying towards a better future. We have hope for each and everyone of our students. We believe in them and their abilities. We know they can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people around them.

Keep looking at our space, Let us know if you have any bright ideas to help build the future of this great country.

Let us make a difference in Education, Let us be special…