KIA Team

Kundu International Academy has a beautiful Team to forward its Mission and Vision in "Redefining Education in PNG". The team is as below...

Mr. Salim Chamadia, Chairman

Mr. Chamadia is the Chairman of the Big Rooster Group. He is a Chartered Accountant and living in Papua New Guinea for the last three decades. He is very passionate about serving Papua New Guineans. One of his dream projects is the Kundu International Academy which brings World Class Education to children in Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Sivalinga Prasad Guruprasad, Director

Mr. Guruprasad is an academician with over two decades of experience in teaching all levels of education including schools, degree, post graduate, research and corporate training. He has an MBA and M.Phil in Finance and Financial Management. He provides leadership to KIA in "Redefining Education in PNG."

Mrs. Noelene Taula Wunum, Principal

Mrs. Wunum graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education, major in Mathematics at the University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. She is a very passionate Papua New Guinean Teacher who has over a decade of teaching experience in various schools in PNG. She has created a few very successful Papua New Guineans across the country. Wherever she has worked she has been the best teacher there. Watching children learn and grow is a very rewarding experience and this is a key motivation for Mrs. Wunum and the fundamental reason why she enjoys teaching.

Mr. Valentine Regau,

Teacher - History, Geography and Personal Development

Mr. Regau graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education, major in Music from the University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. He has 15 years teaching experience in both private and state schools in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Regau is an active teacher who teaches with humour and he loves to engage students in co-curricular activities where students actively participates and share their experiences. He is passionate with music

Ms. Malo Flavia Senar

Teacher – Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Ms. Senar graduated is a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education, major in Science at the Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea. She has taught science and mathematics in few state schools for almost a decade now. She loves teaching and enjoys helping children grow in confidence and find their potential.

Mrs. Freda Maris

Teacher - Business Studies, Economics, Language & Literature

Mrs. Maris graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education, majoring in Business Studies, University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea.  She has enjoyed an extensive career teaching subjects in the field of business studies and humanities which has allowed her to gain substantial knowledge and expertise in educating young adolescents and taking on senior leadership role in the various schools she had taught. Not only that, but she also contributed in the development of the book belong pikinini as Coordinator – Monitoring & Evaluation.

Mr. Justin Kuadilu

Teacher - Accounting

Mr. Kuadilu is a highly motivated recent graduate who holds Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management, Divine Word University 2018.Mr. Kuadilu has more than a year teaching experience in accounting. He believes in self-realisation to become the standard of motivation for family, friends, followers, co – workers and importantly his students.

Mr. Clinton Jeremy Labidi

Teacher - Information and Communications Technology

Mr. Labidi graduated in 2016 with Bachelor of Information Technology, Southern Cross University, Australia. He has great experience in Corporate IT training. He also worked as a PC Support trainer and IT Lecturer in the tertiary Education. Mr. Labidi is keen in the career of Information Technology within the computer science industry. He embarks on innovative ideas on how to confront difficult situations and implementing them after discussion with team members.

Mr. Michael Siran

Teacher - Human Resource Management

Mr. Siran graduated in 2015 with Bachelor’s in Business (Human Resource Management), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. He has worked in PNG and in Australia and he has a lot of experience in HR role as a freelancer and in recognised companies like Ok Tedi Ltd, National Airports Corporation, Petroleum PNG Holdings Ltd e.t.c. Mr. Siran enjoys working within a team environment

Mr. Detrosh I Dati

Training Coordinator

Mr. Dati has a lot of experience working as a training Coordinator & Facilitator in a reputable organisation from 2009 – 2018 before joining our team.  From 2005 to 2016, Mr. Dati undertook various Information Technology certificates and diploma programs which have contributed very much to his skills development in the field of IT. He loves to be a team player in our organisation, looking out for opportunities to grow and expand where it is safe and efficient, and encourages respect and teamwork.  

Mr. Christopher Pokasui

Network Administrator

Mr. Pokasui graduated in 2009 with Diploma in Information Technology, IEA College of TAFE, Port Moresby. He had vast experience working with different companies as an ICT Technician, providing IT support for the organisations. He also has more than a year teaching experience in the field of Information Technology. Mr. Pokasui has a passion in trying out new computer hardware and software applications, graphic editing and playing soccer.

Ms. Kathy Jairus

Administration Officer

Ms. Jairus graduated in 2008 with certificate in basic tourism & hospitality after successfully completing her grade 12 and attaining the PNG Higher School Certificate in 2002. Her work journey started in 2001 when she joined Salim Moni Kwik Post PNG as a casual. Ms. Jairus had a lot of experiences working with different well-known organisations like PNGLNG Site, National Judicial Staff Service, Shady Rest Hotel and Korobesea International School. She is always cheerful and faces challenges with positivity and she loves to provide the best customer experience.

Ms. Yvonne Loko

Front Office Executive

Ms. Gia graduated in 2001 with Certificate in Distance Education – Grade 10 and begin her career in 2002 at Boroko East International School. She moved on to other companies and worked as an accounts clerk, teacher & classroom aide, and front desk officer. Yvonne’s cheerfulness and helpfulness places her in a position that she is better able to support teachers and students.

Ms. Lina Noah

Resource Center Officer

Ms. Noah recently graduated in 2019 with Diploma in Business Management, Port Moresby Business College, Papua New Guinea. Her eagerness to learn from others and strive for the better has helped her to produce work at expected standards.

Ms. Helen Meve Oii

House Keeping Officer

Ms. Meve graduated in 1995 with a clerical certificate and she has worked with few different companies as a shop cashier and janitor. She also worked as an office clerk in the Department of Central Province-Division of Economic Services (Commerce branch) in 1995. Ms. Meve pleasant personality and manner are additional assets to our organisation.

Ms. Titi Lage

House Keeping Officer

Ms. Lage has worked as a janitor for a decade now. Her initiatives in line with her duties are always commendable.  Also, she is talented in making bilums.

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