KIA Team

Kundu International Academy has a beautiful Team to forward its Mission and Vision in "Redefining Education in PNG". The team is as below...

Mr. Salim Chamadia, Chairman

Mr. Chamadia is the Chairman of the Big Rooster Group. He is a Chartered Accountant and living in Papua New Guinea for the last three decades. He is very passionate about serving Papua New Guineans. One of his dream projects is the Kundu International Academy which brings World Class Education to children in Papua New Guinea.

Mrs. Noelene Taula Wunum, Principal

Mrs. Wunum graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education, major in Mathematics at the University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. She is a very passionate Papua New Guinean Teacher who has over a decade of teaching experience in various schools in PNG. She has created a few very successful Papua New Guineans across the country. Wherever she has worked she has been the best teacher there. Watching children learn and grow is a very rewarding experience and this is a key motivation for Mrs. Wunum and the fundamental reason why she enjoys teaching.

Mr. Peter Akoro,

Teacher – Language & Literature and English

Mr. Akori is a committed and experience teacher who holds diploma in secondary school teaching from the University of Goroka (1982-1984) and bachelor of education administration at the University of Papua New Guinea (1991 – 1992). His subject speciality is Language and Literature and Physical Development. His love for teaching has had positive influence on many, many young lives. 

Mr. Nicholas Juhula,

Teacher - History, Geography and Personal Development

Mr. Juhula graduated in 2006 with Bachelor Degree in Education, major in social science (history, geography, politics, legal studies, culture & heritage) from the University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. He has 14 years teaching experience in both private and state schools in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Juhula is a hardworking and industrious teacher who teaches with humour and he loves to engage students in co-curricular activities where students actively participate and share their experiences. His passion is to make a difference in other people’s lives. He always like to make time for others despite his busy schedule.

Mrs. Regina Tati

Teacher – Economics, Business Studies

Mrs. Tati is a dedicated and hardworking teacher. She trained and has qualification in TVET programs and has a gained a lot of teaching experiences since 2011 in teaching secondary school students in the field of Business Studies, Economics, cooking and sewing. Regina is a passionate teacher who desires to make her students become successful in the business world.

Ms. Malo Flavia Senar

Teacher – Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Ms. Senar graduated is a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education, major in Science at the Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea. She has taught science and mathematics in few state schools for almost a decade now. She loves teaching and enjoys helping children grow in confidence and find their potential.

Mr. Dinogo Upe

Teacher – Business Studies, Economics, Accounting

Mr. Upe graduated in 1992 with Bachelor Degree in Commerce majoring in accounting, University of. He also attained Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 1996, University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea. He has enjoyed an extensive career teaching subjects in the field of business studies, economics and accounting which has allowed him to gain substantial knowledge and expertise in educating young adolescents and taking on senior leadership role in the various schools he had taught. Mr. Upe finds inspiration in the opportunity in moulding a human life.

Mr. Michael Moite

Teacher – Mathematics & Personal Development

Mr. Moite is a highly motivated teacher who holds Bachelor in Arts education, The University of Papua New Guinea (2014) and Diploma in Primary Teaching, OLSH Teachers College (2003). He has vast experience in teaching mathematics, science and personal development as he has been teaching these subjects for almost two decades now. He desires to perform positively in empowering and enhancing the mental capacity of the young and to contribute towards the spiritual, mental capacity and well-being of the children.

Ms. Bevelynne Pora

Teacher - Mathematics and Science

Ms. Pora is a dedicated and hardworking teacher. She graduated in 2011 with Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Goroka specialised in Mathematics, science and Home Economics. She loves to work with children, making them feel valued and inspiring them so that they become connected lifelong learners.

Mr. Frederick Raka

Teacher - English & Social Science

Mr. Raka graduated in 2011 with Bachelor Degree in Education at the University of Goroka. He specialized in Language & Literature (English), Social Science (Geography).

He is an optimistic person who see challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and likes to search for creative solutions. He is inspired for the opportunity to have a positive, inspiring impact on children’s lives. Seeing them learn, grow and become productive people in the society gives him satisfaction.

Mr. Emmanuel Yawiapui

Teacher - Information & Communication Technology

Mr. Yawiapui holds Bachelor of Education Degree in Computer Technology (2014) and Diploma in Computer Technology (2012), Don Bosco Technological Institute of Information Technology, Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea. He has been teaching ICT and Mathematics for the last six years and he has been very keen in the career of Information Technology within the computer science industry. Mr. Yawiapui likes to contribute to the development of human resource and the country with a good Character and competence.

Mr. Caspar Albert

Teacher - Physics & Advance Mathematics

Mr. Albert is a team player who holds BSc DEGREE in Applied Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation. He started his teaching career in 2013 and he has been teaching since then. He teachers Physics and Advance Mathematics.  He is a sincere teacher who always gives his best in what he does.

Mr. Christopher Pokasui

Network Administrator

Mr. Pokasui graduated in 2009 with Diploma in Information Technology, IEA College of TAFE, Port Moresby. He had vast experience working with different companies as an ICT Technician, providing IT support for the organisations. He also has more than a year teaching experience in the field of Information Technology. Mr. Pokasui has a passion in trying out new computer hardware and software applications, graphic editing and playing soccer.

Ms. Georgina Koni Tirang

Administration Officer

Ms. Koni graduated in 2018 with Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (IT) at the Institute of Business Studies, Papua New Guinea, after successfully completing a series of Certificate and Diploma programs in the field of IT and customer service (2005-2016). Her work journey started in 2009 when she joined department of works, Vanimo as a casual. Ms. Koni had a lot of experiences working with two reputable organisations. She is always cheerful and faces challenges with positivity and she loves to provide the best customer experience.

Ms. Lina Noah

Front Office Executive

Ms. Noah recently graduated in 2019 with Diploma in Business Management, Port Moresby Business College, Papua New Guinea. Her eagerness to learn from others and strive for the better has helped her to produce work at expected standards.

Ms. Stephanie Stanislaus

Resource Center Officer

Ms. Stanislaus graduated in 2016 with Higher School Certificate (Grade 12). In 2019, she successfully completed short trainings on “Education for better work”, “Personal finances” and “My foundation”. Stephanie’s cheerfulness and helpfulness places her in a position that she is better able to support teachers and students.

Mr. Rash Kilagi Vali

School Driver

Mr. Vali our school driver with excellent driving skills and experience in logistics coordination.   He is a quite but approachable individual who diligently does his work. He likes to face and deal with challenging situations that comes his way.

Mr. Kermond Tsikula

School Driver

Mr. Tsikula graduated in 2013 with certificate 3 in cookery however he has been working as a driver in reputable organisation before joining our team. He is a dedicated driver who enjoys his work and finds opportunities to improve in life.

Mr. Bobby Dumar

Security Officer

A registered security guard with GAMMA training certificate. Bobby has put together a team that have work together to ensure our school is safe and secured every day. No vandalism and/or other safety incidents since they started.

Mr. Mathias Robert

Security Officer

Mathias will always brighten up the day with a smile at the school gate. Like all other guards, he works beyond his duty statement by taking time to discipline students when the need arises.

Mr. Michael Chin

Security Officer

Michael, enjoys his job as a security guard here at KIA. He continues to build and maintain a positive relationship with everyone who passes in and out of the school gate.

Mr. Konia Kaupa

Security Officer

Konia will always display strict security presence but at the same time has a warm and friendly welcoming manner to all those he meets.

Ms. Fifi Mauti

House Keeping Officer

Ms. Mauti is a hardworking, calm and a kind housekeeper who is always careful and confident with her duties. Fifi will always make sure cleaning chores are done well for the comfort of students, staff and visitors.

Ms. Helen Meve Oii

House Keeping Officer

Ms. Meve graduated in 1995 with a clerical certificate and she has worked with few different companies as a shop cashier and janitor. She also worked as an office clerk in the Department of Central Province-Division of Economic Services (Commerce branch) in 1995. Ms. Meve pleasant personality and manner are additional assets to our organisation.

Ms. Rose Ropa

House Keeping Officer

Ms. Ropa, a well-mannered, polite and hardworking house keeper with experience of creating a pleasant, safe, welcoming and clean environment for all.

Mr. Saki Katu

Grounds man

Mr. Katu completed his grade 8 in 1978 and he has been working as a grounds man for a very long time now. His creativity and passion in grounds beautification contributes to the positive learning environment of staff and students. He loves to be call the “green thumb”.

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