About Us…

Kundu International Academy is a Private Educational Service provider. Born out of the passion for Papua New Guinea by the Big Rooster Group, Kundu International Academy takes initiatives to 'redefining education in PNG.' KIA prides itself as a national private school that endeavours to offer school educational services to meet the needs of the country at International Standards. We seek to work with our children and teachers to always build on the strengths and work towards a holistic development of students to excel academically, socially, physically and spiritually.


Our Motto

At Kundu International Academy we will strive to do better through open communication, quality planning and programming, and equal participation amongst all stake holders. Our students will be encouraged to always work hard and aim to get better results in all learning activities. Opportunities will be provided through additional tutorial sessions to boost the morale of slow learners to aim high.

Our Vision

Kundu Academy will aim to pursue excellence in the provision of quality education in a vigorous and progressive environment that embodies the most desirable child-centered, family and traditional values and practices

Our Mission

  • We are committed to setting a high standard of teaching and learning through a disciplined academic environment
Kundu International Academy will be characterized by a concern for caring, respect, justice and equal opportunity for all.
  • We are committed to a multi-cultural vision
Kundu International Academy will acknowledge, accept, and celebrate cultural diversity, particularly those cultural diversities represented in the college community.
  • We are committed to excellence
We are committed to help children attain the highest level of personal potential academically, socially, physically and spiritually.
  • We are committed to community development
Kundu International Academy will aim to help people who can make a contribution to community development. Thus, the academy will provide opportunities for specialist studies in business management, computing and leadership development.
  • We are committed to student welfare
Kundu International Academy will provide students with nutritious diet which will enable them to sustain a high level of mental and physical energy in their learning.
  • Team building in partnership with other institutions
With emphasis on developing staff capacity and leadership, the Board of Directors believe in supporting and developing the capacity of staff through skills development and team building activities in partnership with other relevant service providers

Our Aspirations

We will always strive to give our children an equal opportunity to gain in both personal development and educational development

Our Culture

We will acknowledge our children’s cultural diversity and hold great respect for our friends and parents. Our children’s respective cultures will be promoted through our curriculum and extra-curricular activities for the promotion of good citizenship and respect for the country.

Our Parents and Friends

Our parents and friends will form a core part of our school triad – staff, students and parents. We hope to guide our children’s learning in strong partnership with parents and guardians.

Our Relationships

We will place a high value on forming professional relationship with organisations and other school /institution that can help us bring quality into both teaching and learning. We are friends to all and enemies to none.

Our Philosophy

We hope to promote a philosophy where our students’ learning will be described in terms of learning standards and outcomes and not in terms of objectives. Our teachers will be seen as facilitators of student learning. We will encourage our teachers to set assessable tasks that can easily measure achievement, to measure their success, to develop measurable objectives that guide them in their content delivery, to encourage students to work together and help each other with Group learning, and encourage them to relate lessons to real life situations and applications to enable each other to see the rationale of their actions.
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